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5 Easy Tips to Making Your House Green
Friday, April 28th 2017 6:11 pm

It may seem overwhelming when first trying to "Green" your home but making a few small Eco-friendly changes to your home can make a huge difference.

1. Making some insulation changes to save energy. If re-insulating your entire home isn't in your budget. Start off small and purchase thermal shades for your window.

2. Plants produce oxygen. Distribute a few throughout your home to help improve the air quality in the house. Add some to your landscaping outside, as well. They will act as a natural coolant for your home cutting back on your energy usage.

3. Use the sun. Not only does solar power reduce carbon emissions, it's a huge money saver and can increase the value of your home. Adding solar panels or solar roof shingles is the perfect way to harnessing that solar power. Remember, adding solar panel also comes with state and/or federal incentives!

4. Green up your Appliances. Many manufacturers produce "green" appliances designed to use 10-50 percent less energy, therefore, saving you money and saving the planet.

5. Change the light bulbs. 25 percent of your household's energy consumption comes from your lights. Changing out your light bulbs to LED, can reduce your energy consumption by 90%! As an added bonus these types of bulbs last 8-10 times longer and produce 90 percent less heat.

These five tips may seem like small, insignificant changes, but it's the little things that count!