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Celebrating Earth Day in Real Estate
Friday, April 22nd 2016 1:04 pm

In celebration of this amazing planet that we call home, let's take at least the next 24 hours and practice the art of recycling what we can, reusing what can and reducing waste where we can.

In addition to the "reduce, reuse and recycle" mantra, practice the art of keeping it local. As real estate agents, it is a large part of our job to be an expert in our local areas. We must know what is going on in our area and be able to provide accurate local information to our potential buyers.

Be in the know

Take some time today and get involved in your local community. Show your clients that you are more than just a real estate expert, you are part of a community. Is there a community garden that you can get involved in? How about a bake sale that supports a local organization? A book swap? A tree planting event?

Giving back to the community can serve two purposes: 1. Well, your giving back to the community and 2. By educating yourself with community information you now can in turn educate your potential home buyers about the area that they are looking to spend their life in.

Blog about it

Write a blog today about your local community and post it on your website. You can blog about anything going on in your neighborhood. A few ideas would be; local flea market information, upcoming community theater shows, local farmers markets, etc. Blogging about these events make you an expert in the field of all things local.

As many Americans are "going green", another blogging example would be to find a local park or business that is focusing on the environmental impact of your community and blog about that. These topics can bring traffic to your website and in the long run, money in your pocket.

Earth Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your clients. Show them why living in your area is the right choice for them.

Happy Earth Day!