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Mothers Day Real Estate Tips
Friday, May 12th 2017 10:40 am

Remember all those hard working mom's this Sunday! They are everywhere, they are in your office, on your client list and even in your family. It only takes a few minutes to let them know that they are appreciated, and those few minutes can mean the world to a mom. Below are few simple ideas to help brighten someone's day:

1. Use social media, email or a mail client to reach out the mothers on your client list and let them know they are special! Just few words of appreciation can make a big difference in someone's day! Remember these kids that mom's are raising will one day be someones neighbor, client, co-worker, best friend, partner and parent. It's an important job being a mom!

2. Host a Mother's Day themed Open House. Add that special touch to your open house this weekend by adding some flowers and candies throughout the. You can even provide little gifts of appreciation at the door, like Starbucks gift certificates or movie tickets.

3. Let the Mother's in your office know that you appreciate them. Many moms in your office probably have kids at home and are struggling to get to work each day while taking care future little real estate agents! Let them know you appreciate their hard work. Bring in some coffee and donuts or have a little party during the lunch break.

Of course don't forget your own mom, grandmother and daughter this mothers day. Raising children can be tough in this day an age. The children of today are our adults of tomorrow.