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The Free-Flow Taps Out at Busch Gardens in Hillsborough County
Monday, January 12th 2009 12:00 am

When I write my blogs, I make sure that I cover the important issues that are facing us, as Americans, on a daily basis. Today I found some disparaging news... Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida Hillsborough County, will no longer be giving away free beer samples!

Anheuser-Busch Inbev, formally known as Anheusar-Busch, announced that this 50-year tradition at Busch Gardens will come to a halt on January 25, 2009...and that's not all, SeaWorld in Orlando Florida and the other nine theme parks that are owned by Anheusar-Busch Inbev will soon follow suit!

The history behind the free beer at Busch Gardens dates back to the year of 1959 when Busch Gardens served as a bird garden/waiting room for the A-B Tampa Brewery tours. During that time, Busch Gardens was not charging admission and there was no limit on the free samples of the beer you could indulge in! In 1970, when Busch Gardens began to grow into the theme park that it is today, the samples were limited to two per customer upon a visit to the Hospitality House.

Beer will still be served at the Hospitality House once it re-opens, however the tastes may be changed to more popular beers that are suited to the Inbev style. Beers such as Brizilian Brahma or Belgian Stella Artois may take over the more popular American beers such as Budweiser or Michelob.

We are facing a downward spiraling economy, mortgage crisis, Gaza, War in Iraq, environmental issues, famine and now this!

Sigh, what is this world coming to?