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The Greenest Home is the one that was never Built
Friday, September 25th 2015 8:46 am

Since that may not be an option, here a few tips to building the greenest home you can build.

Location, Location, Location

While looking for a place to build your home consider the neighborhood. How easy would it be to walk or bike into town? What are the recycling programs like in the neighborhood? Are there any rules against pets such as chickens? What about gardening? Cutting down on gas costs for a quick runs to the grocery store or to catch a movie can greatly decrease your footprint. Raising your own eggs and growing your own veggies is also a great way to add to sustainable living and therefore lessen your impact on the environment.

Green Building Supplies

Look into purchasing sustainable building materials, solar panels, low-flush toilets, energy efficient appliances and tankless water heaters. All of these items can greatly reduce your resources and your utility costs. The up front cost of these items can be large, but they will pay off 10 fold in the long run.

Home Energy Audit

This can provide a place to start when measuring the the success of Eco friendly improvements which could in turn lead to tax credits and/or reimbursements. An audit can also provide an assessment of issues that when corrected can save you energy and money over time.


Once you have found the right place to build your home and construction has started there a few other things that you can do to lessen the energy used in your home. Smart thermostats can optimize the temperature control in your home, energy efficient lighting and HVAC choices that are energy efficient can lessen your electric use and your electric bill.

There are endless possibilities for an Eco-friendly lifestyle when you own your own home!